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Goodall Healthcare Group – A cut above

  Goodall Healthcare Group have been providing high quality MSK services since 2020. Our conception occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, a time of great uncertainty. We always knew the main priority was to ensure all our patients were looked after to the highest standard, irrespective

Beckham – The Biopyschosocial Model

The Beckham documentary has been a hit across all of our screens. Whether you watched it for Posh or Becks, we can all appreciate how David Beckham has been the cornerstone of British football for decades, shaping a lot of young lives and changing the

Sports Injuries in Gymnasts

The Gymnastics World Championships have been dominating our screens over the last week, with participants of unmatched elegance and precision. Gymnasts have a special way of looking effortless to a spectator, but as we can all appreciate takes arduous hours of work and comes with

How do we Manage Tendinopathy – What did we learn?

A piece inspired by our seminar attendance. As many of you would’ve seen, our clinical coordinator attended a very interesting educational evening based on the current research on the management of tendinopathy. This is a very common complaint amongst our patient base and generally affects

Bursitis: An overlooked injury in Rugby?

A couple of weeks ago, we dived into Hamstring Injuries, inspired by City’s dearest Kevin De Bruyne. This week, GHG’s burst of excitement comes from the Rugby World Cup, especially looking ahead to the England vs Japan this evening. For most, the first injury that

The ‘W’ Word

At Goodall Healthcare Group, our services stretch further than just the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injury. We recognise every service user has their own background and that this heavily contributes to the way in which injuries present and what their recovery process looks like. Recently, a

Hamstring Injuries

For those of whom follow the Premier League, you may have already heard of Kevin De Bruyne’s debilitating hamstring injury, leaving him out of play for at least 4 months, at a devastating loss for Manchester City’s starting XI. At Goodall Healthcare Group, for our

Shockwave Therapy with Goodall Healthcare Group

Explore the revolutionary world of Shockwave Therapy. This highly effective treatment has been transforming the lives of countless individuals suffering from musculoskeletal conditions such as and sports injuries. Join us as we delve into the wonders of Shockwave Therapy and how it can be your