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Goodall Healthcare Group – A cut above


Goodall Healthcare Group have been providing high quality MSK services since 2020. Our conception occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, a time of great uncertainty. We always knew the main priority was to ensure all our patients were looked after to the highest standard, irrespective of the lockdown circumstances. We continue with this principle, despite any circumstantial changes. We took this challenge in our stride and set up our bespoke services of Sports and Exercise Medicine, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Personal Training and Rehabilitation as well as Talking Therapy and Social Prescription whilst also retaining a patient centred approach.

Due to Goodall Healthcare Group being set up and employing those who are medically trained, we have a greater depth of understanding of the expertise necessary for a multitude of conditions.

Medical based MSK typically involves the expertise of medical doctors, who may employ diagnostic tests, medications, injections, and, in some cases, surgical interventions to address musculoskeletal issues. Through our partnerships, all of this can be provided in our in-house model. This approach is often necessary for certain conditions such as rheumatological conditions (arthritis, gout, autoimmune disease) and for emergency adjacent care.

However, we also have the added advantage of being excellent providers of physical therapy. This involves non-invasive, movement-based interventions to promote recovery, alleviate pain, and improve function. Physical therapists such as Osteopaths and Physiotherapists use exercises, manual therapy, education, and other techniques to address musculoskeletal problems. This is valuable for rehabilitation, injury prevention, and improving overall mobility and function.

The availability of combination of these treatments through our gold-standard multi-disciplinary approach is invaluable and very difficult to find elsewhere. Alongside this, our holistic approach our clinicians use, focuses on psychological well-being, occupational health and realistic back to sport/work action plans, there is no MSK condition that remains stagnant in our treatment pathway.


Through our recent partnership with Living Care in Yorkshire and our use of for our Lancashire clients we can also now refer for quicker diagnostic screening, ensuring all our pathways are efficient.

Don’t ignore your body – for both injuries and general maintenance, Goodall Healthcare Group are certain that we can provide services that are a cut above the rest.




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